Encounters recap, 17 Jun 15

Trigger Warning: Spoilers, Bunny Bois, a slow week, and a new social media!

I have to say a slow week, because my Roll 20 crowd is still in a state of flux. I gained two players, lost 1, and then had one player have to cancel tonight because of a family emergency. So I called this week off and hope to try again next week: “Trials and Tribulations on the way to Twitch fame and fortune.”

Back at Encoutners. It seems that Kyle and his Wild Mage Smurf just couldn’t stop. It’s almost like his current need to use Smurf as a verb, adverb, and adjective every five seconds. He cast his Disguise Self into someone else to appear as a bunny. And he still did his max damage Firebolt ( I tempt fate again: 18d6! ) for another roll on that Wild Mage table. I tossed in another twist: Because of his use of Wild Magic, that disguise was actually a Polymorph: That guy isn’t disguised as a rabbit, he’s a rabbitfolk now until I say otherwise! (Why did he cheer?) I even printed out my Rabbitfolk wiki article to hand it to him next time.

2015-06-20 00_02_06-ApplicationWindow

They’ve started at the Shrine of Black Earth, and did two encounters, one of which ran into their first Burrowshark with his bulette. Yes, the Burrowshark had a name. And yes, they had their Death Note. Yes I’m allowing them to use it. (I made the ruleing that it cannot affect anyone outside of the game—especially me. I think I heard Venca go, “Oh, you wanna try to beat this one in a game of Twister eh, Ryuk? Go ahead.” –SNAP!– “OOOWWW!” Venca: “Yeah, he broke your fsking arm did he? Now you know why we D&D deities don’t mess with David Foxfire!”) And yes I have a mean surprise for them when they do use it: Since they’re in the Temple of the Elements, the Dark Powers will create an Elemental theme in their reprisal. That’s all I’ll say.

Another way I can crank things up for my players? Surprise them with a second bulette. I had the Burrowshark tell the shark he owned to burrow under the ground—in a dungeon no less—set up a second bulette that was wondering around to attack, making the party think that this second bulette was the first one, and then once bulette #2 was taken down, have bulette #1 appear right up from under the party! It was a riot, and judging by the “Wow!” factor of the people in the table, I should do that more.

And that wasn’t even the wild part. Someone got the idea of taking out the Burrowshark and then use Animal Handling to make that Bulette his companion! (Not the druid, he’s got that bear.) He needed to make a contested check to do it…and he passed. The party just wowed me right back.

Now my party is full of Level 4 characters who are a touch OP, with a bear and a fricking Land Shark about to wreak havoc in the Temple of the Elements. Hmmm, should I tell them about the big boss in this particular level…..naaaaah! I need to relieve some of these kids of their character sheets by now.

2015-06-20 01_28_09-DavidFoxfire _ MindsI leave with an announcement of my online social media presence.  This week witnessed the launch of what some would call “a true Facebook Killer”, Minds.com .  You’ve probably recieve word aobut Google Plus being a Loss Leader because of a lack of people willing to part with the Twitter and Tumblr, which has been corrupted by too much drama for most sane people to stay in there, and Facebook, which has become too overcommericalized, is a major privacy violation, and is more cluttered than my apartment.  (Is it possible for a web site to get its own episode on Hoarders?  It’s that fugly to use.)

Minds.com is open source, allows Encryption (!!!), is sponsored by Anonymous (Double !!!) and even rewards people for putting content in there.  Find a way for detect and downvote SJWs and their crap and it’ll be perfect!

I chose Google Plus for my Social Media of course because it lacks the emotional and poltical baggage of “The Big Three” Social Media.  Minds.com could easily replace it in the future with it’s privacy and ethics thrown in.  It’s probably only a question of when I make the full transition.

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