Online Campaign Recap, 15 Jun 15

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, need for a digest, toddler PCs and Twins played by co-DMs

I finally got some people together to continue Dreams of the Red Wizards and go through most of the basement level of Harpshield Castle, just in time for someone from my Encounters table to get on Skype (the program I use for chat while I’m using Roll20) and stated their need to join in. That made for a great cliffhanger where the Albino Orc shows up with the Delimbiyr Bloke, the Zombie of the sculptor that made a copy of that device…and what the hell, I’ll toss in the Zombie Hoard for good measure.

Meanwhile, one of my Skype friends I met from Roll20 has invited me to co-DM another campaign, and we will have a set of twin characters that we’ll swap into when we’re on the other side of the campaign. (One plays with the team while the other is behind the screen.) It’ll be a Moon Elf Fighter and Cleric duo where I’ll show more as I go along, and yes, before you ask, yes I’m going to stream it.

I haven’t been putting much recaps into my Play by Post campaigns. This is because RPoL doesn’t have a public viewing mode. Instead I intend to set up digests of the forums for the public to read. Right now I’m working on Chapter 1 of Masks and Mythos, which goes through the initial character meeting up with Natasha, the Ghaele Demigod. They’re currently in the start of the action, where they run into a Murder Mystery that they need to help Grand Inquisitor Florence solve. How does this relate to Natasha’s vision of an adventure park for Faerunians to practice in? Stay tuned.

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