Encounters Update: 10 May 15

Trigger Warning: Spoilers, Smurfs, Bears, DM being a d*ck, and Bill and Ted reference.

Yes, it’s about this time when I start cranking on some of the jerkdom as I crank up the difficulty. As the line says, “Give them the sun, make them fight for the Moon.” They’re at the part where they’re fighting for the moon.

This comes into play as I’ve get them to clear the B1 of the Sacred Stone Monastery, and further down into what I’m calling “The Temple of the Elements,” which is usually called “The Temple of Elemental Evil.” This is due of me not being focusing on the nine Alignments, I don’t call Elemental energies as Evil or Good; only the way it is used. In an Elemental Evil like adventure like Princes of the Apocalypse, there are Elemental brings that with to use the Elements for nihilistic goals, and thus provide the Evil in the campaign. I can see a faction like the Emerald Enclave or the Order of the Gauntlet send adventuring parties into this Temple dungeon regularly to ensure that these beings don’t make a resurgence. Also in the campaign, the main goal is to deal with just one of the four Elemental brings. That will give this module a lot of replayability as the other three Elementals need to be dealt with.

That, and there’s also the upcoming Rise of Tiamat to deal with.

2015-06-14 01_45_28-ApplicationWindowIn the previous post, I gave you a report on one of the PCs (played by Kyle, who is also in my Dreams of the Red Wizards campaign) being turned into an honest-to-god Smurf, complete with blue skin, and all white outfits…and the compulsion to dance whenever Fibbler (Spoony Bard PC of one of my older players) plays with his fiddle.

I even made him a card that describes his doubled curse. Yes, he needs to have Remove Curse cast on him…twice.   He gets the “Your Skin Turns Blue” again, he shrinks down to three inches tall and you need a Wish to undo it.

That’s not all of what I do.

In one of the rooms in the floor, I put in a whole lot of mushrooms. Magic mushrooms? Perhaps, Perhaps. However, I added a part that the Drow-turned-Smurf is overcome with the desire to stay in the room and call it home. Cue some comical scenes where the other party members hogtie the blue boy and eventually spit out a Lesser Restoration to counter that effect.

By now this guy, is starting to hate me.

I love my job.

But that’s not the part that raised my ire.

This is.

DeathNoteTheMusicalSomeone, brought a Death Note in my table! Not just that, the party actually used that to predict the death of a named character.

That, sadly, means that they can use the Death Note in the campaign. I have to put my foot down and claim that it can’t be used IRL. And claim that it’s because I beaten Death in a particularly nasty game of Twister. I’ll let you figure out the reference.

Of course, if they use it, it’s going to have dire circumstances, so they have better be careful using it. It could be another reason why someone will have to make another character.

2015-06-14 03_11_04-Statblock exampleLast but not least, I have the druid back at the table, and so I included a bear companion (They keep chanting “Needs Moar Bear!”) for the kid, and as I’ve mentioned earlier, I added a little cutscene of said bear waltzing into the Monastery, and in an opportune moment in a combat, I have that bugger chase some extra human shields into the party’s way. Much to the crowd’s delight.

I also included a printout of the specialty created Monster Manual entry for the bear in question. After an extensive search for a decent stat block creator that at least looks close enough to the published books, I chose a new Statblock markup that is found in github. It requires Chrome for it to work right, which is its sole down side, but it’s a small sacrifice for a decent finished graphic to use in my plans and future modules. I hope they work on this some more and employ a better entry interface for this, because this is the closest to the Monster Manual stat block, and by far the easiest for me to read.

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