Dreams of the Red Wizards recap 28 May 15

Trigger Warning: Spoilers, technical stuff, cannabis, prostitutes, Pixies in the Skies with Diamonds, players and Dungeon Masters just having fun and not giving a shit, Charging Lasers and Shooting Whoops

I managed to get the streaming part in a decent setting. Roll20 on Firefox with Skype without my webcamera works great. Not perfect, but useable. I’ll file this under Kaisen, a Japanese term meaning “to keep improving over time,” and I’ll keep working on improving this part. I’ve played with Spartan (now called Edge), the new Microsoft browser for Win10, and I hope that Roll20 will work as well with this browser as it does in Twitch.

Of course, in the future, there might need a computer that will get me a better stream, since people say that my new machine is just powerful enough to do the job but just barely, but that’s going to be further down the timestream. Needless to say that the “Affiliates” tab on the main menu to this site is there for a reason.

Back to the gameplay. I managed to have four regulars, which is much appreciated in an D&D environment infamous for people to rage-quit without announcing it, which I’ve learned very quickly is part of being in Roll20. Nice to know that the regulars—one of which came from my Encounters page; Kyle, this bud’s for you. And yes, it’s Faerun weed…I doubt you’d get a buzz off it though—and they’re very encouraging. They like what they’re seeing from me and want me to keep going, and when there’s something that needs fixing, they just say it without any snark or ridicule. That’s what gets me out of bed and going to work, whatever it is I need to do or what others want me to do.

During the session, I managed to guide the party through most of the rumor gathering scene and eventually into their first delve, in Harpshield Castle. I think they had the most fun in the Lady Luck Tavern, where the players gleefuly drew over it. While I had to keep them from writing balls and penises all over creation like most teenaged kids usually do, I couldn’t help but laugh at them doing SHOOP DA WHOOP all over the screen (I wish I had a screen cap for that) posting the Question Marks I forgot to put over NPCs who had rumors to say—Note to self, include that!—and watching the pixie get so stoned off acid spray-spiked beer that he saw colors and hear smells. We were all laughing out loud. This pixie then proceeded to prank PC and NPC alike with his ventriloquism and Invisibility for some DM-encouraged mischief.

And then they discovered Natyssa, the requisite Whore with a Heart of Goldtm, who some of the party hit on, including the Dwarf. If anyone has been in this module, you could possibly expect what would happen if they did. Stay tuned, it’s all I can say.

After much deliberation, juvenile antics, a half-orc trying on a Disney Princess dress (!!!) and more spiked booze, the party decided to first deal with the Orc incursion in the region, and that takes them to Harpshield. Knowing about the gricks festering the place, the succeeded (with a Nat 20) to convince the Orcs that they’re there to exterminate the gricks from the place. So the orcs merely laughed when the Ake, the half-orc crossdresser opened the first door he saw and realized that he opened the latrine, sans toilet. With two diseased gricks who popped out and attack.

They’re in an extended rest (the Orcs will leave them alone if they are left alone themselves) so I can do two things: Refine the maps in the Castle and streamline the storyline. With Roll20, I can easily expand the map to fit the grid, and it’ll be my first dabbling into dynamic lighting; something I’ve been told to put in there. At first I balked at that because I wanted to emulate my Real Life table, which isn’t very capable for dynamic lighting, but since it’s been requested a lot for me, I’ll be putting it in my Harpshield 2F map.

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