The Ballad of Johnny Briz: Dream Train

So glad to get back to this project.

For those who are new to me, and some of you are since I’ve gotten into #gamergate, I have this fun little web comic about a young woman out of college trying to find out what to do with her life, wanting to get into cartoons, and finding the industry a little more formidable than it should be. She walked toward a light rail station wishing on a star for something to inspire her, that little spark she needs to get her life turned around.

Much like someone in the Depression sitting on a train looking for something to jump into his sketchbook after losing one of his prized and oldest cartoon creations.

The similarities between the two get pretty uncanny.

The Ballad of Johnny Briz is a tale of one of my older and more liked characters, which combines a classic cartoon from the black and white era with some modern sensibilities. It’s also about the struggles he and his Nakama of humans doing their darnest to get through life, working on their dreams and ideals, and maybe even get successful.

I started this comic a couple years back when I was really down on myself, suffering a midlife crisis and looking for something to distract me from making a statistic of myself. I’m still continuing it for two reasons: One, I like the story and characters, especially when I run the ideas and scenes around in my head; and two and more importantly, I need more practice in human figure drawing.

Just like with dabbling with RPG Maker helps me design more marketable games in the future and even helps my DMing skills. (Which is what I’m really banking on getting some money in.)

As some of you know, web comics aren’t the best places for someone to get successful in, you stand a better chance as just being part of the dreck if you’re lucky, kilobytes of abrasive diatribes that don’t even conceal themselves as criticism and maybe a burn page or two if you’re not. (Guess what happened to me.) By now I’m past the point of even trying to earn a buck off this; I’m doing this for the practice and the fun. And hopefully get a better work ethic going because of it. (Which is my New Year’s resolution.)

I took a Hiatus from making the comic over the holiday season because I wanted to get some other things straightened out and figure out what to do with myself in the next several years or so; it’s one of those times where some inner searching is required. My only regret is that it took a bit too long for my liking, but I digress.

I’m shooting for about 35-50 strips during this coming year. Here’s hoping nothing too heinous happens in real life that just gives my plans the bird. (Ulp! I think I jinxed myself.)


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