Forgotten Realms Setting: Expeditions Fallout

Since I do not follow along with Adventurers League storylines—mainly because most of my players don’t care about organized play, factions, or any other dross that gets into the way of the 0th rule of “Above all else, we’re have to have fun.” So while I keep up with actions in the Sword Coast, I steer clear of the Moonsea area, where Wizards of the Coast is setting Expeditions in (Expeditions being the 5th Edition version of Living Forgotten Realms), which I want to keep to its canonized form whatever I run them or not. You might see me dig into these Expeditions Modules to transplant a dungeon or scenario into my customized campaigns, but I don’t think it’ll be right for me to mess with the Modules themselves.

However, while I consider the modules themselves unmodable, the effects they have in the surrounding regions are fair game, and now that Wizards has shown the aftereffects of the Tyranny of Dragons Expeditions modules, I can incorporate them into my Realms:

The ascension of the Green Dragon Vorgansharax to the Cinnabar Throne in Phlan has caused a mass exodus of humans fleeing the dragon’s tyrannical rule. While most of the refugees in their great wisdom went to Mulmaster of all places, thinking they could find aid there. A good portion of the refugees did the smarter thing and crossed the Zhentil keep ruins and headed south toward the Dales, eventually reaching Cormyr and Sembia, where word of what happened traveled West toward the Sword Coast.

Hearing about what happened in Moonsea, along with the current evils that are running around the region (I currently have both the Cult of the Dragon and the Cults of Elemental Evil operating in the same time; since I haven’t done Rise of Tiamat, yet), the Lord’s Alliance agreed that an improved form of communication that will cross the distances between the major hot points in Faerun. Fortunately, thanks to my allowing of technological advancements in the Forgotten Realms, the Lord’s Alliance has access to the Telegraph, and they have created their first major network of telegraph lines between the major cities of the Sword Coast. It was easy for them to agree to expanding this network Eastward to reach other areas such as the Sumber Hills, Netheril, Cormyr and the Dales, and eventually to Moonsea.

Telegraph LineThey gave the call to many people in the Coast that were experienced in the telegraph, including a small group that managed to invent the telephone, sending voice through the same telegraph lines, to maintain this new Secomber-Everska Telegraph Line that will reach Cormyr, and from there the line to Moonsea.

One of these stations in the Secomber-Everska line will be Parnast, a village in recovery from Cult of the Dragon activities. The Order of the Gauntlet has just finished reconstructing the city, and partnered with the Lord’s Alliance in setting up the telegraph station. Manning this station will be a vanguard of Telecommunication technology in Faerun: Justin Mercurial of Daggerford, who the Alliance christened as Lord of Graypeak. Justin took up shop in the nearby hunting lodge in the Grayspeak Mountains with his soulmate, the Pandaren Lili, where he turned into a guildhouse for all adventurers who need one.

In future posts, I will be listing some details about the Lodge and of the new Parnast. And since you are still in utter shock over the word “Pandaren” in a paragraph on a Forgotten Realms setting, that too.

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