Encounters Recap: 20 May 15

This week’s session didn’t have as many people in them; they were either busy planning for the Holiday Weekend or just plain sick. (I can understand sick, being sick in the head for more than one occasion, heh heh heh.) The party made their plans to progress over to the Sacred Stone Monastary, which is the next location of the campaign. It’s the return of the event deck and all of the mishaps that come with it, and while I have put in less red cards in the deck, I do have to tone down the encounters, the one random encounter I had took up too much time. (I take all the black cards in a standard deck and add in a red card for each event, be it an Encounter, chance meeting, opportunities for psychedelic experiences—I do have pot, shrooms, and plants that have the effects of Acid in my campaign—special events or otherwise. I shuffle them out and pull out one card per space on the map.) It’s the running theme of this week, with everything being a work in progress. Note to self, don’t put max HP to the random encounters. They were too high.

Also is the possibility for a second table in the Encounters. The main problem I have in Wednesdays is that I have thirteen players and just one DM, me. And everyone is talking about the need to split them up, especially along age groups. Unfortunately, there’s only 4 ‘adults’ and about 9 dudes who haven’t gotten past High School yet. However, I have found of a way to do it.

Starting with Into the Abyss, I’ll see to be doing two sessions. One scheduled for 4 to 5:30, and another for 6 to 7:30. Of course, I’m going to have to do both. I can do this in two ways: One, I can do Into the Abyss with the 4 o’clock table, and the finish Princes of the Apocalypse with the 6 o’clock table and then have the characters go straight into Rise of Tiamat. Or two, I can have them both do Into the Abyss and have the two tables’ storylines intersect with each other. They’d be like an alliance of two parties and they go different paths, intersecting on some parts.

Either way depends on what will happen next. It’s just almost June, and Into the Apocalypse doesn’t start until September at the latest.

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