Ballad of Johnny Briz news, plus a second PbP game

As you might have seen, the WordPress site of the Ballad of Johnny Briz comic has crashed, irrevocably so. Not to worry though, I still have all of the strips, and I have uploaded them into a Legacy Site linkable to this main blog. Just as well because I wanted to merge everything into one blog anyway.

For the initiated, and I know there are new readers here thanks to my DMing, Johnny is my answer to Mickey Mouse. With some additional inspiration by Don Bluth and Sonic the Hedgehog. Instead of pure speed, however, Johnny’s a Parkour freerunner. Sonic would blow his doors off in the 100-meter dash, but Johnny will skip over where the hedgehog splash lands en route to the Third Stage. Every now and then he pops up on occasion just to stir up trouble, and it’s the few things from my childhood I like to keep with me in my adult life.

“The Ballad of Johnny Briz” is an attempt at an origin story for the little fellow, which I made during my mid-life crisis with the additional hope that I can keep my art style from stagnating too much. Compressed into so many paragraphs, Johnny is the descendants of a group of lab rats who escaped because they have acquired human like intelligence and set up a community in an abandoned amusement park. Sound familiar? Yeah. The rodents seen “The Secret of NIMH” too, and named Johnny after one of the characters there. (Note: It’s the sole connection to any existing work in this story)

One day, another science lab appeared a bit too close to the village, and Johnny thought he should investigate. He discovered that the lab wasn’t experimenting on animals, but inanimate objects on some special goo that grows and shrinks things, depending on a 1 Volt current sent through said goo. Unfortunately, he fell into the goo on accident when it was set on a positive charge (the grow setting) and he found himself blown up to a cartoon character height!

He managed to escape that lab, and eventually found himself in the arms of Amber Merichello, an animator fresh out of college. After making sure that he’s all right, and dressing him up like a cartoon character would look like, she shared a dream with Johnny about making her own cartoon series with him, hoping to become a local celebrity and maybe find an alternative to working for the big companies. The crux of the story is about Amber, Johnny, and the friends around them achieve this dream.

JB01-02Right now progress in this comic is in a holding pattern. Mainly because I found Dungeon Mastering which has a much better promise for me at this time. However, I am by no means done with this comic. I’ll be continuing this comic as time permits, and updates will be shown, thanks to the mentioned crash, here on this main blog.

There is a chance that you’ll be seeing more of JB in the future, if you keep tabs in the PbP forum: Algaren, another one of my homemade campaigns, will be starting, and I’m planning on putting the mousie boy in there for antics and giggles. I’ll let you know more about the campaign in future postings.

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