Masks and Mythos recap: Week of 15 May 15

Trigger Warning:  Spoilers, Mask fetishes, Vulcanoid Reference, Las Lindas Reference.

Since we’re just starting, most of the action here is my introduction written in Word, and the cahracters introducting themselves:

  • Alexia, a Rabbitfolk Rogue and daughter to Pippkin Ducaine, one of my NPCs.  Played by Meiou
  • Miranda Stalking Horse, an environmentaly conscious half-elf druid who isn’t above doing nefarious things to keep animals free, played by Chriscringle
  • Dort, a surprisingly well-mannered Half-Orc Barbarian played by John Dionio
  • Hartman Worm-hide, a Human Bard who want every race to peacefully co-edist, by thebluespectre

I’m not at the point where Natasha gets tells the people about her desire to make an “Adventure Park that helps would be adventurers learn the skills they need in a relatively less-fatal environment”.  While a trip to Chult is in the works, there will be some action still in Baldur’s Gate, so they can eventually get a level or two in before they start traveling abroad.

A word of warning, there will be a Five Nights at Freddy’s reference ahead.

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