Encounters Recap; 13 May 15

Trigger Warning: Spoilers, Bribery, Deal-Making, WWE  Appropriation.

Super Trigger Warning: In case you haven’t figured out, this blog is no Safe Space. It is written by someone who learned from a very early age never to give a fuck, and it will show in the kind of humor and tongue in cheek writing in this blog. If such a thing ‘triggers’ you, it was not intended, number one. But it doesn’t mean that I will change the way I write to suit the reader’s sensitivities, and instead expect you to either put on your big boy pants or go to another blog. May I suggest Tumblr?

Every now and then, I have to put that up.

Back to your regularly scheduled recap.

I sped up the action by skipping all the random encounters and just move them ahead to the Stone Bridge. If you’ve been to this point, you know the scene. It’s a stone slab walkway 6 squares wide and 400 feet up. No railings, No side guards, a 30 MPH wind going across. A Nat 1 will make them fall prone and pushed downwind. If they fall off, it’s a 20d6 damaging trip to the river, where a bear is contentedly fishing salmon.

And on top of that is an assortment of cultists going, “Hey, how’re doing? An ambush at this point will royally suck, won’t it.

Cue three more Hurricanes swooping from underneath said bridge. Roll Initiative.

I knew that there were a couple people now with wingwear and a warforged that somehow grafted wings on himself. (Yay for Downtime.) What I didn’t expect is that one of my party members is Toril’s answer to Randy fsking Orton, and he had the desire to RKO (read: Diamond Cutter or Ace Crusher) everybody in sight.   Probably seen this one too many times.

I really need to have badguys who can counter that.

Or someone who knows how to ambush better than Vipers

Or maybe giant Vipers.

Or maybe even a random lunatic Randy Orton who just runs up and RKOs someone out of random, only to sprint away giggling like a madman, my favorite version of Randy Orton.


Someone in the party’s getting an RKO. From Outta Nowhere. Probably from the Astral Sea.

On to Beliard. The first thing they did was to give Grommosh the treatment for his zombie virus. The first thing they had to deal with is the fee: 500 GP. Fortunately I use the barter system when it comes to Magical Items, and they were able to pay for that.

I then interrupt my Encounters session for a quick “Let’s Make a Deal” scenario.

The ritual will cure the virus, but it will cost him in XP because it was so draining. He’ll go back to the start of Level 3 (2700) in Experience, which was a big decision for him, and the rest of the party was talking him into it. Then I pulled a trump card. He can move on to the next level, but he has to multiclass in Favored Soul (the only way you can get into that class.) Eventually he decided to do it.

In the end, they made it to the ambush site where the delegation met its doom, and the first reprisal with the Anklegs. I won’t tell you where they’re going next, but they’re back on track.

And they decided that this will be the time for me to use the Third Rule of my table: Bribing the DM is legal. Four people gave me a dollar so they can level up, since they’re just between “not yet enough XP” and “I’ll give you that extra 10 points to level up.”

Looks like, with most of my players now at Level 4, I really need to bring on the heat in the next several encounters. I have to balance speed with interesting random events in this next use of the Event Deck (I’m thinking 6 red cards with 26 Black) as they move on to the next chapter of the campaign.

Later on tonight or tomorrow, I’ll be making my first Masks and Mythos recap. And next Thursday, I will have my first streaming session of Dreams of the Red Wizards over at Twitch.

In the meantime, I have to find a way to show to these High Schoolers…you should not tempt the Dungeon Master.

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