New Player Options: Unearth Arcana

As you may know, there’s a new Unearthed Arcana out detailing about Waterborne Adventurers, for characters that are out on the open sea.  I’m going on record that I’m allowing all of the options there for character creation on my table.

There may be some caviats though; the Minotaur Race listed here originated from Dragonlance’s Krynn, and can be tweaked somewhat to fit Faerun, or any other campaign world.  Otherwise everything else can be used as is.

On a side note, the Dragon Magazine is now available on the iPod, and coming soon (they better, Wizards) on Android.  In its first issue, it includes the Golath class, or so I’m told.  I’ll allow that as well, provided that there’s a copy I can actualy read and share with others.  I might have to excerpt that part for my wiki.

I admend my statement:  The Goliath race is already in the Elemental Evil Player’s Guide, and is already legal to use.   Dragon+ Ish. 1 doesn’t have any additional information to this.

And last but not least, I’m making plans to create a Home Base for my players to have a guild house in, espeically those who are in my Encounters table (they requested it.)  I might find a purpose for an now-abandoned Hunting Lodge overlooking Parnast for this purpose.  Stay tuned for further developments.

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