Confessions of a Bad DM #1: A persistant Forgotten Realms

I’m happy to report that my content surprisingly started a bit early in the new year, although not in an expected place. Well, it is expected if you follow my D&D trends.

Last last year,  made an open call for articles, and I gave them a list of articles I wanted to put on their site. I actually got accepted for two of those articles with the hope for more in the future. Mixing my home-made techniques I use as a DM with my own brand of humor—Hello, I’m David Foxfire and I’m a terrible DM—and made my first submission to the site before the holidays.
This article got released today, the start of my “Confessions of a Bad DM” series, with my mention of a Persistent gaming world. It’s basically my first method of keeping people from reading up on the modules and meta-gaming, where the actions of previous campaigns have a lasting effect on current campaigns, and in some cases changing parts of the current campaign. You can see the after effects of my campaigns in a wiki I set up for my personalized version of the Forgotten Realms.

On the wiki, you’ll know that Baldur’s Gate is vastly different from the official depiction in the new IDW Legends of Baldur’s Gate comic, which will be apparent when a campaign returns to that city. And then there’s the Icewind Dale region. Don’t ask.

Future articles will involve what I call the “Instant Action Grid” a hybrid between 4th Edition encounter maps and 5th edition Theater of the Mind, the use of a deck of cards instead of dice-rolling and table consulting, transplanting a scene from one campaign into another, turning a PC in a previous campaign into an NPC in a current campaign, and so on.

Of course, this is provided that I’m encouraged to post more articles in . . . Or enough people are interested in me continuing the series here. Whatever happens, I’ll deal with it.

In the coming week, I’ll get back to the Ballad of Johnny Briz comic now that my sabbatical is done with, and continue making progress for my online Dungeon Mastering project, sending you updates as they occur.


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