Creating Magic Items in the Foxfire Forgotten Realms

A lot of people wanted to make a magic item, either a simple potion or scroll, or make a +1 magic weapon or armor, or even to tweak one that’s existing. Because of this, I’m making this article for my wiki.

With some light research, I realized that the Dungeon Master’s guide already has a cursory guide in their Downtime Activities. I’ll be starting with this excerpt as the foundation and build from there.

Before we begin, though, here’s the proper Research Paper reference: Mearls, Mike. Dungeon Master’s Guide. Wizards of the Coast, 2014. 128-129. Print.

Creating a magic item takes a lot of time and money, as it should. The PC creating the magic item must be a spellcaster that uses spell slots (Spell Points can be used as the spell slot if you used this variant) which means that you must be a Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, or a Wizard. The PC must also be able to cast any spell required. Finally, you must have the actual formula you need to make the item itself, which may be a mini-adventure in its own right.

There’s a table included for the requirements needed, as far as Minimum level, Creation Costs, Downtime, and the Spell Slot that you’ll need to expend:

Item Rarity Minimum Level* Creation Costs Required Days** Spell Slot Req.
Common Lv. 3 100 GP 4 Days Lv. 2
Uncommon Lv. 3 500 GP 20 Days Lv. 2
Rare Lv. 6 5,000 GP 200 Days Lv. 3
Very Rare Lv. 11 50,000 GP 2,000 Days Lv. 4
Legendary Lv. 14 500,000 GP 20,000 Days Lv. 5
*Minimum Level of the Spellcasting Class required.

**Downtime Days can be included into this amount.


The GP costs and required days are not set in stone; they can change depending on the item. Changes will be made in 25 GP increments, with a Required Day added or subtracted for each 25GP increment.

You can get help with spells, components, spell slots, money (In 25 GP increments), and even Days (but not Downtime Days) required for the item’s construction.

If the item requires a spell to be cast, it must be prepared during this time, you will be needing the components for the spell, and will have to cast it each Required Day as well, expending these components. If the Magic Item doesn’t require a spell, just the Spell Slot is expended. Missing this part will result in an automatic fail in creating this item.   (Spending this spell slot at the start of your adventuring day would be a good idea.) Also, the days spent in the creation of the item must be on consecutive days; missing a day will also result in failing to make this item.

I’ll usually be checking along with the Dungeon Master’s Guide for the rarity of the item you want to make, but I have some examples on how to make one, including a couple that doesn’t follow these guidelines:

Wand of Magic Missiles: This is an uncommon item. Therefore, it requires a 3rd Level Wizard who has Magic Missiles prepared. It will cost 500 Gold to make it and will take 20 Consecutive days to make it. A wand-making tome is needed for instructions. Constructing this item will require you to construct a Wand worth 500 GP and then cast Magic Missile with a 2nd Level Spell Slot on it; since this spell requires no components, they will not be needed.

Making a +1 Weapon or Armor: Common Item. It requires a masterwork item that is 10 times the cost of a mundane item, and 100 GP worth of Residium, available from any Magic Supply store. It will take 4 days to upgrade this weapon or armor to a +1 Weapon or Armor, and will require 25 GP worth of Residium each, with a 2nd Level Spell Slot expended for each day.

Making a +1 Item a +2 Item, or adding an additional feature to said item, will move it down to Uncommon on the table, and so on for each further enhancement. Increase the amount of Residium, Days, and Spell Slot accordingly. At Legendary Rarity, repeat the amounts listed on that line.

Also, you must make a +1 item before you make it a +2 or add an additional feature (like returning)

Spell Scroll: Instead of using the above table, I paraphrase the part in the Player’s Handbook on Copying spells in your book: You need a 25 GP parchment for the scroll, and then you have to spend 2 Hours and 50 GP per level of the spell (If the spell works with your School’s Savant feature, this cost is halved) to inscribe the spell on the scroll. There is a one-time cost of the related Spell Slot (can be higher, although that will add to the time and GP spent) and any needed Components in the making of the spell.

Potion of Healing (or any other mundane healing item): It will require an Herbalism Kit and proficiency in this. For the price of a particular item, you can get enough items to make three such items. Making one will require 1 Day of Downtime, or the downtime of the current adventuring day.



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