Encounter Recap: 22 Apr 15

Trigger Warning: Spoilers, Slapstick Humor, Nat 20-induced changes of plans.

It’s funny how a Natural 20 roll will get me to improve a bit, and how it helps if you know a ways ahead in the campaign.

This is the episode where the party was supposed to raid a Haunted Tomb for skeleton bones. They first have to handle an ambush set up by a bunch of goblins with a trick door and a staple of one of my favorite genres of comedy.

basin drop

For the uninitiated, Gaki no Tsukai is a Japanese comedy show run by one of the more famous (at least in Japan and on some quarters of the internet) manzai duos, Downtown if you want to research them. It’s a lot more physical in nature; having a borderline Jackass style which some in America may like, I know I certainly did. Popular skits involve trying to guess a certain staple of food out of a possible dozen or so, multiple pranks where one of the Gaki team members having to perform a certain task under hilarious circumstances, various Punishment Games or Batsu’s including the popular New Year’s special where the team, while put through comedy hell, must not laugh or get spanked, and other cringeworthy pratfalls including this one.

Yes, I rigged a metal basin-slash-kitchen sink to that front door in the haunted tomb, and it would’ve hit somebody on the head if they didn’t make their Dexterity saving throw. But it made a big enough racket for the goblin party to charge the group.

As for the rest of the Tomb, the party manages to get to the second room, with the ghost inside. As the ghost questions the party about why ground skeleton bones to cure a rabies-style zombie virus is a good idea, someone in the party wanted to ask the ghost if there are any alternatives he knew about.

And rolled a Nat 20 for persuasion.

That triggers my “No Nat 20 Wasted” rule, of course, I had to think up an alternative that the ghost does know of.

Two things I’m kinda grateful for: One is the random name generator in the 5ed DM’s screen. It allowed me to roll up a decent name—Ograndel of all things—for a cleric that they should find in Beland, which is ultimately where they’re headed once they return to Red Larch: With most of the PCs at 3rd Level, and I have the published book, I can jump straight to the main campaign in earnest, which deals with a delegation from Mirabar that disappeared after they left Beland. The party will progress over to that city next week.

Perfect time for me to design a city with the needed additions—necessary because there’s no map for this city—which will be seen on my Twitch Channel. You’ll get to see me work on my Draw Plus program (upgraded to X8 for purposes such as this) Other possible developments for this weekend include creating a Magic Item Creation table, since so many people requested it. It’ll require a bit of research to get a good one going, and when I get it done I’ll post it here.

Logo work

I have the campaign guide for my first official online campaign, Masks & Mythos, uploaded, which means that I’ve set up the campaign official and am now waiting for the players to get their character sheets together and enter the game over at Roleplay Online.net. With the major steps to get that up and running out of the way, I can now focus on getting a Virtual Table Top started. Feel free to go to the G+ Community if you’re interested.


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