Twitch Channel up and running!

I’m happy to report that the Twitch Channel I’m setting up is now official. There might still need some tweaks and edits to make it perfect, but it’s up and ready at this time, and you can watch me prepare a Campaign guide as well as plan the next Encounters season. As I said, I’ll eventually make a couple campaign streams for Twitch and on off days work on illustrations and artwork. Maybe even return to the web comic that’s aging not too gracefully.

The Play by Post campaign, which will take up most of my first official stream, might not appeal to some of you. It has a good amount of masking fetish in it. While I’m not that much into it myself—although I have made a web comic that deals with sentient amusement park character costumes in the past—I don’t judge people on whatever or not turns them on, as long as it’s not really disgusting. I even worked up a couple archetypes and backgrounds that accompany this particular quirk. It’ll be in a Campaign Guide I’ll construct on the stream and them post it in the G+ community for the party to make their preparations for.

Because of the nature of it being Play by Post, you probably won’t get a regular blow by blow entries here on this web site, but I will set up updates on what happens in this campaign, as the adventurers progress.

After I get that out of the way, and possibly adding additional scenes for the stream, I’ll work on adjusting my Encounters campaign. Most of the characters are already at Level 3, so I can move out of the Chapter 6 Side Quests (which Wizards want you to start off with if your party starts off at Level 1) and move ahead to Chapter 3 in the main book, and the main gist of the story.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, I’ll design a streaming configuration that focuses on the artwork, with a view of the drawing table so you can watch me work. I hope that this will be the regular work schedule I do so need to get out of the slump I’m in, art wise.

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