Encoutners Report, 15 APR 15

Trigger Warning: Spoilers, Harsh Medicine, Threats of Streaming

In Red Lerch, there are a bunch of these in public places, but inside there is a wooden and rubber piko piko hammer (Autohits, can attack for a 1d12+1d8+DEX Mod hit combo with each attack; on a crit, it’s 1d12+1d8 times your DEX Mod, and an “ULTRAAAAA COMBOOOO” is heard from the deities, 1d4 non-lethal damage total.) and the label is “In case of Spoony Bard, break glass.”

That’s usually for the other players, because the NPCs in the town love Fibler, the Gnome Bard, as well as some of the enemies in the North.

They didn’t actually like the predicament that Grommash, the Half-Orc Barbarian with the Zombie Virus in him. As I mentioned before, the virus cannot be cured like a normal virus can be cured (by Laying on Hands or Cure Disease) because it’s a variation of the Rabies virus—a very nasty germ even IRL, since it travels through your nerves and not your bloodstream. And like IRL Rabies, the treatment is almost as nasty.

Fortunately, though, it doesn’t involve needles a foot long to inject medicine directly into your spine. Unfortunately the seven potions the party needs to get isn’t any better, not just to gulp down but also to get. The key ingredient is the ground up bones of a dead person who was ‘pure of heart.’ Good news is, they have one in the Haunted Tomb.

But using that corpse will have consequences.

If I didn’t mention it earlier, I have a storytelling mechanism that was ported from the Ravenloft setting: The Dark Forces. I initially have it for when things threaten to go into “Rocks Fall Everyone Dies” territory, but it’s also good for an ethical dilemma, and everyone at the table had a good ethical discussion over using someone’s bones—and desecrating a tomb on the process—to keep someone in their party from becoming a zombie.

Oh, I so do love this kind of action.

The party decided to deal with the Bears and Bows encounter—and they were arguing over whatever or not they wanted to kill that big bear. Instead they just let the bear feast on the bandits, as the bear wanted to in the first place. After that and getting a much needed ingredient, they just let the bear go on his way. Would that bear return? Perhaps, perhaps.

So as the party head halfway to the Haunted Tomb near the end of the session, most of the party levels up to 3. Not only does it require me to beef up the encounters again, but they’re already ready for me to take it to the main story, which I can now do thanks to getting the campaign book.

And there’s maybe a chance for you to sneak a peak into what’s going on in my brain as I work on the campaign: I got my Streaming Computer last Tuesday, and I’ve just finished setting everything up to my liking. I’m now getting a stream set up, and will start regularly streaming over at twitch.tv (When I’m ready, I’ll announce the link and add it to the menu.) I’ll be doing Virtual Tables on this channel and let you see my artwork progress on off days. (Maybe this will provide me with a regular time slot so I can actually work on them, right?) Watch this space for further developments on the channel.

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