Encounters Report: 8 Apr 15

Trigger Warning: Spoilers, Possible Fetishes, Threats of Streaming, Girls dressed like in Fairy Tales, Crossover into my first official Online game.

This session deals with the remainder of the Necromancer’s Lair dungeon, where Freddy Oreioth was tooling around with ideas for Faerun’s answer to Chuck E’ Cheese. The players didn’t think that he actually realizes that he is a lich who can summon undead as well as cast spells. Those who are on Google+ would know that I listened to some suggestions on how to improve on an up-leveled creature stat block. While I haven’t delivered more damage than I wanted to, Freddy did well before he was driven back to his phylactery.

And out of this campaign and into another. I’d like to announce that I finally got a big party enough to start a play-by-post campaign. (None of the previous ones got much players, but they have provided enough practice for preparation.) Some of you might not be into the special interests of this campaign—most of the players have a mask fetish—but that doesn’t bother me since making masking equipment and materials into a Fantasy world makes the creative lobes in my brain salivating. Expect to see some previews of the “Masks and Mythos” campaign in future weeks.

What is staying, however, is the Zombie Virus. Someone got bitten and the recent paladin has detected that it’s something that’s not as easily cured. They’ll find out more about the cure when they come to the Allfaiths Shrine back in Red Larch. Probably with a stint to a repurposed tomb from the book.

Oh, and I have the published book now, so I can take things into the main story (From Chapter 3) once people level up to Lv 3, and veer off from the Encounters material.

There is also a NPC that’s continuing in as well: Pell Mhandyvver.


When she entered the scene when the party finds her collecting materials for her components bag, some of them thought she was Little Red Riding Hood. Not too far off with her personality; she is a bit rebelling from her over-worrying grandmother. And while my fairy-tale inspired outfit for her might cause someone to bitch, at least she’s showing less skin than what some real life people her age are. She is also well armored with her flowing knee-length skirt. (My response to SJWs: Count your blessings! At least it’s not a chainmail bikini. Do you want me to make someone in a Chainmail Bikini? No? Then get off my blog!)

I could see Pell join in with Marcie somewhere, provided I get back into developing the RPG Maker project. Which brings me to the major development for this week.

This Tuesday, my birthday present will come in through UPS: A AMD A-8 Machine with 8 Gigs of memory. (A quad-core CPU with an 8 core Radeon GPU in the same chip? Who’s the sorcerer who made that integrated circuit?) This computer’s going to be the one I’ll be streaming on Twitch with. I’ll be streaming my online Virtual Tables and providing some views of my artwork and planning stages on days when I’m off. I hope eventually to broadcast real life games such as my Encoutners table.

I’ve already set up a Google+ community for my online D&D games, and everyone who wants to join in my table can go to the Google+ Foxfire Studios D&D community, and state that you’re interested. All I ask is that you’re not be a jerk in there and keep in mind that there will be plenty of Pro-Gamergate players in there. In fact, I’ll move Pro-GGers to the front of the line.

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