The reason I haven’t been posting here

It’s been a long time coming and it took up most of my spare time, but I’m finally in the editing stage of the setting I wanted to do before Æthercoil:

With the possibilities Chapter 3 of Storm King’s Thunder brings and the multiple campaigns that Tales of the Yawning Portal can bring, I have the need to modify Chapter 3 to suit multiple campaigns well into the future.  To aid in this development, I decided to create a sister “Public Brainstorming Notebook” to Æthercoil Magazine for the Dungeon Master’s Guild.  Foxfire Forgotten Realms takes all the campaign ideas I have that focuses in any Wizards-sanctioned world (including the Forgotten Realms, Ebberon, Ravenloft, and all the others) and puts them in one place, most of them combining into a single universe.  (They said, “Make the Realms my own,” and by God, I’m running with it.)  I’ll write this magazine to coincide with Æthercoil Magazine where I’ll put in parts that I’ll use in other campaigns, where the agreement terms for content is less restrictive.

Issue 1 of Foxfire Forgotten Realms is in the second draft right now, and is scheduled to be released in June, alongside Æthercoil Magazine #5.  Expect both issues to be sent out at the same time for obvious reasons.  Think of it as my Dungeon and Dragon Magazine, respectively.

Also, it’s my birthday weekend (the reason why I’m cranky, and why it’s storming this weekend; it always storms on my birthday weekend, no fail) and what I’ll be getting for my birthday is a computer that I’ll be building.  I had enough with prebuilt computers that don’t have the power and the capability for upgrades, so I’m dumping all of the companies and becoming a builder.  With an 8-core processor, a separate 2-Meg Graphics Processor, and enough room to upgrade as I go, I think I’ll have a computer powerful enough to run a twitch channel, something that I wanted to do for several years now.  Once that’s up and running, things will pick up here.  At least I hope it will.