Out of the Abyss Update, 20 Jan 16

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, even more Disney cultural appropriation, concerns over the fate of my favorite local game store, and a furry.

Hero’s Hideout is in some very rough times. It’s about 2/3rds the way past January, and all of the kids that usually hang out there haven’t returned from the holiday break. At first I thought that they’ve had some big studies, but I’d expect them to return by now. I’m worried that the store would go out of business and I would need another place to go.

But then again, it did snow the day before so that would be the problem as well.

At least I did have my six players to continue the game.

The party finished their business in Mantol-Derith, making sure to visit the rest of the four enclaves in there. The Duergar enclave was first, and while they made short work of the Duergar that found out about what they did to that black gem (The Lok-Nar from last week), what they found inside the Druegar Warehouse made them pause. Instead of having Yantha Coaxrock tied up in a gem-encrusted robe to be fed by a Xorn, I used said robe to turn Yantha into a Deep Gnome Queen of Hearts. A rather psychotic mini-Harley Quinn who slain her two duergar captives and wished for the party to come play with her.

They closed the door before she could charge, Post Haste.

She wasn’t the only one who went Alice on the party. After a moment in the Drow Enclave, and a passing visit by Zilchyn Q’Leptin (I didn’t get the opportunity to deal with him. Yet.) they went to the south coast (1D on your maps) where they found a lot of ships waiting for them to travel across the Darklake, only to find the path to board them trapped (with hunting traps, easy to dispatch) and a Rystia Zav who has lost her mind to the Underdark. So much so that when she heard someone in Mantol-Derith call out “Come along, White Rabbit, you’re late for an important date.” She ran into town without a passing thought.

Dressed in a White Rabbit fursuit.

Now how can you get a fursuit in the Underdark?

My thought after that, looks like I’m going to have my Mad Court after all.

The ring they got will take them eventually to Gravenhollow. However, it’ll take them through Gracklstugh first. I need to have that city visited from the first half anyway. The party managed to rescue Werz after they arrived at the docs. Did the Duergars notice them when they disembarked? Perhaps, perhaps.

I have the game paused for the week in the Blade Bazaar, thankfully with one of the saner merchants, but not before the party saw Dorki for some time.   Bill took notice of the description of the derro and claimed that he would be another Mad Hatter, complete with murcury poisoning. That would have possibilities.

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