Updates for the week of 18-22 JAN 16

Item: Æthercoil Forgotten Realms

I initially thought I would be able to publish a Forgotten Realms version of the Æthercoil setting in the DMg’s guide, and then use the documents to rewrite that into an original version of Æthercoil, but the agreement I had to sign up on wouldn’t permit it:

“4 (b) Except for short promotional excerpts used to promote your Work, you may not display, recreate, publish, distribute or sell your Work (or derivatives thereof) outside of the Program administered on OBS websites or through other platforms or channels authorized or offered by Owner.”

Somehow, I knew that hurdle will need to be addressed.

I’ll still make the Æthercoil Forgotten Realms, though, since it’s the setting I DM in Number One. Also, I use the Forgotten Realms to Beta Test the concepts of inventions in an OSR setting. So, slight change of plans.

The Beta version of Æthercoil will be placed on this blog, for others to read, playtest, and send me feedback on. Once I get all four documents put out there and had some time to playtest, I’ll then work on the OSR setting that will become Æthercoil’s world and compile the book to publish on DrivethruRPG. An unauthorized Beta would be the next best thing for me to do and then, if Wizards likes the project enough, we can do some business.

And speaking of Wizards:

Item: Curse of Strahd

We now know what the next season of Encounters is going to be: A 5th Edition retelling of Ravenloft! The Curse of Strahd will be the next published module available in March, which will cause me to plan starting this campaign in April. Plenty of time for me to go through Out of the Abyss, although I have no set deadlines. Seventh Rule of my table: Campaigns go on as long as they have to.

But that begs me to start thinking of some tweaks already. The biggest one is where to put Barovia and Castle Ravenloft in my Realms? I’m certainly not going to go along with “You’re just a bunch of adventurers walking along the road one day when suddenly a thick misty fog envelops you.” That’s my Dark Powers mechanic. I need to have them start in the sword coast and then set a destination. It’ll be something I’ll be working on in the coming weeks. By the time Out of the Abyss is through, not only will I have a lot of tasty Underdark themed loose ends to put a quest in, but I’ll also have a definite location for The Curst of Strahd.

I have to stop people from buying that book and following along, right?