The Standard Holiday Greeting

There isn’t much going on this week on the D&D front, not even in Encounters.  My main crew had a special event with John as the DM instead of me, I played a character that I might highlight sometime next week, but nobody else showed up (and the usuals had to go to a Christmas Church event later on that night.)

So I’m just going to take this week off and give you the yearly line I always say about this time:

In this point in the calendar year, there are a lot of Holidays.  For some, it’s Christmas.  For others, it’s Hanukkah, and for others, Milad un Nabi.  There’s even Kwanza, Humanlight, Yule, Festimus, and a miryad of other holy days.  Some of us even call it Friday.

But whatever you call tonight, however you celebrate it, or even what you celebrate or even if you celebrate just being alive, make it a good one, you all, and have a safe and peaceful day with well wishings to everyone around us and every kind of holiday it is.

For everybody, there is a December 25.  It’ll be a December 25 whatever you make it merry or not.  Might as well have a merry one.