D&D Racap, Dec 2-4, Part 3

Item: Princes of the Apocalypse, Friday 4 Dec

As a set up to the main dungeon, I repurposed a couple higher level excursions in Chapter 6 of the book into introductory quests to set the mood and re-introduce the Elemental Cults. I took them through The Long Road, and just finished with Dark Dealings in Yartar before a couple more players bowed out at the end of the session. (At least they had a decency to wait til the end of the session before they done so.)

I don’t know if it was the Autism being a factor, or my tendency to stutter when I have to gather the notes and the thoughts in my head…or was it the Wink and Kiss in Yartar.

In the book, it is Yartar’s house of ill repute. I turned it into a Playboy Club, complete with Bunny Girls serving drinks, performing on stage, luring patrons in the back rooms, and many other sex work. I also introduced a two-part item that the party even managed to get a copy of. An item that takes back to some of my more freestyle—and erotic—Roleplay years. This might qualify as “True and Honest Content” in some quarters, so buckle up, kiddies.

I have a character who is an Android Sex Robot named Aline Rabbit, who is often seen in a Playboy Bunny outfit. In some Roleplays she uses this below item to get some women to ‘loosen up’ as it were, sometimes to have them part of her Gentleman’s Club. (Yeah, a classic dudebro fantasy. I refer you to the notice to your left.)

I don’t have Aline in my Forgotten Realms, thank God. But I did bring in that item for the players to mess around with:

Bunny Ears and Tail

2-piece Wonderous Item, Uncommon, Cursed

When affixed on a humanoid character, the ears on a headband affix to the wearer’s head, while the tail is affixed to the base of the spine. It cannot be removed unless lesser restoration is used on both.

When the Bunny Ears are worn, the wearer loses the majority of his or her inhibitions and sense of embarrassment or nervousness in social settings. If worn by a female, she also cannot be ‘triggered’ by casual male advances, including compliments and what could be regarded in the real world today as “Light Sexual Harassments” (Read: Cat calling, pick-up lines, and comments on looks doesn’t affect the wearer as they would, say, someone on Social Media.)

With the Bunny Tail, all forms of consequences of sexual activity is blocked; the wearer cannot get pregnant nor impregnate someone else, and the wearer gains immunity from all sexual based diseases. Some wearers even report a better sensibility ‘down there’ that makes sex considerably more enjoyable.

Some of the people would consider this item to ‘objectify women’ but that’s not my mindset when I first thought it up. (Sure, I was cybering when I first created this item, but I digress.) When I made a roleplay with this item, I was gearing it more like a 60s era Sexual Freedom and Liberation mindset rather than what the Luddites (read: Modern Feminists, especially the sex-negative types) would think. “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with,” sort of thing. The character with the items on them, sometimes accompanied with the rest of the Playboy Bunny outfit, finds herself in an environment where she can’t be hurt by sex, where she can’t be raped or harassed, and she can’t get pregnant or catch a disease. She’s free to express herself and act out without any ill consequences, and even the thought of holding off for 20-30 years before accusing someone, a common Modern Feminist tactic (I’m looking at you, Bill Cosby accusers) is the furthest from their minds. Even after the items are removed, the former wearer would be surprised of shocked over what she has done, but would remember actually enjoying what she did out of her own free will. She might even enjoy this lived experience in spite of herself. She would know what she was capable of when she ‘loosens up a little’, as they say.

Misogynistic? Perhaps. But they said that about Bayonetta as well and she was designed by a woman, and Bayonetta would’ve planted this item on some of the people she knows herself.

My reasoning might be “Apples to Oranges,” I know, but that’s just part of my creative process and a thought process of a 30-something (at the time) dudebro riddled with ASD. At least I kept it within fictional worlds and refrained from acting out in front of a web camera or—oh Thank God I have never done this—in the real world.

What happens next is the Rundreth Manor chapter, where the party will meet up with “The Dark Lady” whom I’ve described as a drow who replaced Lolth worship with Dragon Worship, and has gathered several dropouts from the Cult of the Dragon to join her. (Those who got the book know the real story.) I’m keeping all of the details in my One Note until I put them through the scenario. (Read: I haven’t gotten all the details down yet.)

I do have some more family-friendly content to close this multi-part recap. I might take Christmas week off, but next week, I’m planning a One-Shot Christmas themed encounter for next week. I’ll tell you more details later on this week.