D&D Recap, Dec 2-4, Part 2

Item: Dreams of the Red Wizards: The Fountainhead Business Report

Between getting Shalendra Floshin out of her catatonic state by making the elf her own thrall, and cataloging (and replacing) all of the stuff the party took for themselves, and keeping tabs of all the businesses in the Sword Coast, our resident Succubus assistant had a pretty busy tenday, so much so that she had to swoon some unloved soul every evening to blow off some steam. The party saw the result at the end of the Shalendra battle where she brought a whole bunch of maids with her to clean up the estate. Oh, and before you ask….

Cursed Maid Uniform
Wonderous Item, Attunement Required, Cursed

The Uniform is that of a Maid’s Dress, complete with apron, headband, and Mary Jane shoes. The Curse is two parts. When worn by a male, he is transformed into a female as if by a belt of Gender Change, and is not reversed, even by removal, until Lesser Restoration is cast. The gender will become cis female as well.

The second Curse occurs when the uniform is worn. For the duration of the costume is worn, the wearer is considered Charmed by the owner of the costume; the owner putting a hair of a fingernail in a pocket in the back collar of the uniform. The wearer will consider the owner her Master or Mistress and will obey every command that does not involve getting into direct harm regardless of Personality Trait or Alignment. When not obeying any commands, the wearer will have a compulsion to clean or tidy anything she sees that is even the slightest out of order, and will do it regardless of danger to herself. Resisting either of this will require a WIS Check of DC 15 plus one for each consecutive turn. On the first fail, she loses all will to resist and cannot attempt it again after a Short Rest, although her immediate area needs to be pristine and she cannot leave the room (or is told to stay.)

Only the owner or a Wish spell will allow the costume to be removed.

…no, they’re not all girls. Pancheska likes to disguise those she has under her bat wings so that they won’t be recognized. I imagine what Succubus!Shalendra would look like. (Note: Pancheska will restore them to their original form and pay them quite handsomely for their services, provided they’d actually want to leave.)

Well, Pancheska managed to catalog the entire hoard the party acquired:

  • 65 Arrows in 3 Quivers
  • Wire Flowers (50 GP)
  • 6 Outfits for a female elf, three of which Pencheska took for herself, and 1 very seductive dress which she put on Shalendra that nobody else knows about. (Shalendra will also keep her traveling clothes)
  • 250 GP worth of jewelry in light gold with moonstones. Pencheska took the rest of the 500 GP lot.
  • Bag of Holding
  • Cloak of Elvenkind
  • 50 GP Crystal Decanter
  • 25 GP Wine Glass
  • 200 GP pair of Silver Candlesticks set with red garnets
  • Three Scroll Cases of ivory, inlaid with a rampant two-headed griffon in Gold (50 GP Each)
  • Scroll of Protection from Undead
  • Scroll of Rope Trick
  • Scroll of Plant Growth
  • Scroll of Protection from Evil
  • A 150 GP Lanceboard of crystal, wood, and gold
  • 3 crystal bottles of exceptional Elven wine, 100 GP each
  • 2 Jars of honey, with unknown magical healing properties. It’ll take a while for these properties to be identified.
  • 3 Potions of Healing

Pancheska kept the silvered Stiletto, and Shalendra’s Magic Armor and Sword for when she returns the elf to her family.

While you are heading to the Firehammer Hold, Shalendra reported to the Floshin family that their mansion and their prodigal daughter are safe (or so they think, as far as the daughter is concerned.) Pancheska took the 1000 GP total reward and, for lack of a better place to put it, thrown it into the business with the hopes that it’ll generate some interest.

Part of this investment went to cover the 680 GP expenses from the previous report. That leaves 320 GP in change as well as what profits they occur below:

The Fountain Guildhouse

The new guildhouse has seen a lot of use in this tenday, especially with the regular meeting with everyone in the Lord’s Alliance. In fact, Neverwinter’s Lord Protector Dagult Neverember, and his wife, Lady Stephanie Alagondar, stayed there and they were quite impressed. The Guildhouse earned 105 GP after expenses.

The Portal Network will take one more tenday to be completely operational

The Farm

The potion making project in the farm, which the party stayed after the Floshin Estate chapter, ran into a snag right after you left. An infestation of rats nearly overtook the farm, and it took 10 GP to exterminate and dispose of them all. Progress will resume once you enter Firehammer Hold, but it was delayed. A setback, but not the end of things.

The Mangus Scroll

Chou’s local microbrew is bringing everyone to the bar, and there is also a local group who is running a regular tabletop Roleplaying Game every third evening there. The business gained a 100 GP profit.

The whole business at the end of the report has a current bottom line of 8515 GP, after a 320 GP Investment and 195 of Profit.