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Dreams of the Red Wizards recap, 21 May 15

I said before that this week was all about Works in Progress, and nothing screamed out Work in Progress more than my first live sessions of my Dreams of the Red Wizards stream. I think Google Hangouts is to blame for the shoddy quality of the stream (I keep bugging out and all that) and eventually two of my players rage quit in the middle of the session, probably because of that.

Fortunately, the remainder of the players, including one of my Encounters players, Kyle, were very supportive and one of them even offered me tips on how to improve my preparation. While I might be stammering and at times being at a loss of words (while my brain is going a mile a minute reaching for the right thing to say on my side of the screen,) I do appreciate the time spent preparing. Also spoken is that people rage quitting in the middle of the campaign is going to happen, especially at first when you’re still learning the Roll20 interface, so I shouldn’t be too discouraged.

I wasn’t, really. The first effort of anything is going to be found wanting in some areas. You get that first effort out of the way and work up from there, which is my intention.

Next week will have a hybrid of the normal roll20 page, with a bigger viewing screen, (I really didn’t like the small real estate Google Hangouts gave roll20), and use Skype for voice chat. It should be easier on my processor; even with ten cores, my new computer couldn’t keep up. (Also, streaming video from Google Hangouts and Open Broadcasting Software? AMD should be very angry at me.)

As for the gameplay, I had a lot of humor involved. You know that your campaign world will not exactly be Adventurer’s League standard issue when the first encounter you get into takes place in a hemp farm. Run by the Snoop family, no doubt. With the first batch of goblins trying out the weed in a corner. I think Kyle’s character carried out a Kilo.

Oh, and Katt Williams will appreciate Faerunian weed. It’s used for more purposes than getting stoned. Hemp hasn’t been stigmatized here in the Realms than it is in the so-called Real World. People in Faerun use hemp for paper, clothes, rope, and all other good things as well as putting it in bongs. (Language warning on the video, as you don’t already know. It is Katt Williams after all.)

Of course, if Snoop has a Forgotten Realms version of him, he would genetically engineer that weed so it can put Elminister on his ass.

But that’s not the wild part. Just as someone keeping the horde of refugees from rioting was getting a bit twitchy and was about to kill someone…

tumblr_lvn5i8j0qw1qfzhnwI’d need to tell you all about a particular character in my version of the Realms Forgotten. Someone that is usually heard of only from old wives tales and children’s stories meant to keep the tykes behaving. A story about a sole survivor or a family in some parts of the Sword Coast—they forgot where, exactly—who just woke up one day with blood all over him and the dead bodies of the people who killed his family scattered all around him. The realization that he was in some gray area while he was killing them all with his bare hands was too much for his mind to handle, so he just started running all over Toril in a hysterical giggling fugue state. Since then they have been reports of a lunatic wearing only shorts, boots, and tattoos on his arms running up to people at complete random, knocking them down with a wrestling move (an RKO) pop back up with a silly grin on his face, and then running away at the same breakneak speed off into the distance.

He’s called the Orton Lunatic, and he made his first appearance in the first Dreams of the Red Wizards session where he just came up and RKOed Grengel before he could launch a crossbow bolt to anybody. Everybody in the outskirts of Daggerford could just stand there trying to process just what happened, including the deities involved, including Wizards of the Coast no doubt.

Somewhere in Washington, Chris Perkins is crying.

Fortunately, the majority of the insanity has died down some, and next week we’ll have some standard rumor gathering in the tavern, of which I’ll include a good sized map or two to use. Along with a bit more preparation which includes the streaming strategy.

Like I said. The first effort’s going to fall flat, but I can build up from there.