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New Player Option Ruling: My First Ban

This month’s Unearthed Arcana came out tonight, and this missive being Modifying Classes. This article contained suggestions for tweaking a Class or, better yet, designing a class archetype that meshes well with the published ruleset. These will come in handy if you want to design a specific player option that will eventually end up in my Wiki as accepted class options.

However, while the Spell-less Ranger would be a viable option as it is listed in the related PDF, I have to go on record and declare my first banned option for player creation.

You cannot start a character as a Favored Soul.

For good reason, if you think about the setting of my version of the Realms.

My Realms is well in the Sundering era, and there’s a prevalent trait for the many deities there to designate mere mortals as their Chosen. I want to make that be a part of the character’s development in the campaign. At first, I had a background set up (borrowed from another site). But now that the Favored Soul is not available as a Sorcerous Origin, I have a better boon to award the players. Here’s how it works:

Like I said, you cannot become a Favored Soul out of the bat. It is the result of an event, in session, where a deity looks upon you and sees a promising soul for their purposes. By whatever event, it happens, either by an action above and beyond themselves, or a call for a deity’s assistance so heartfelt that it cannot be denied, or even a Near Death Experience where the character actually meets the deity face to face. Whenever or however this occurs, the following happens.

One: This requires a little math. Find the amount of XP required to advance from your current Level to the next one, from the actual start of that level you’re at. You gain that much XP, leveling up as you do. Example: You’re at Level 3 at 1500 XP. From p. 15 of the Player’s Handbook, you subtract the XP for Level 4, 2700, by the XP for Level 3, 900. You instantly gain 1800 XP, putting you at 3300 XP and Level 4.

Two: Instead of gaining a level in your Original Class, you instantly Multiclass in Sorcerer—Favored Soul. (I will put it down as Original Class X/Chosen of Deity 1) If your Charisma is below 13, it becomes 13. All other Multiclassing guidelines come into play. You gain the Hit Dice, Spellcasting, and Sorcery Points as a Sorcerer, as well as Chosen of the Gods and Bonus Proficiencies, if you do not have them earlier. The Divine Domain you select must be within the domains of the Deity you’re the chosen of.

Three: Your adventuring continues as a Chosen, with your experiences tweaked to show the change you undergone. You level up as normal, with may include the ’30K Rule’ for beyond Level 20 (After Level 20, it takes 30,000 XP to advance another level)

I can’t say that I know when or if a character in my tables would ever become a Chosen, but I want that as an adventuring option to further make my Campaigns unique.