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Eleven year old orphan Adam Packbell was found entering Las Vegas with little more than a book and a school ID where he vanished without a trace. Fifteen years ago. And he hasn’t aged a day since then. Clues from the book as well as modern day scientific studies not only reveal the cause of what brought him to his new home, but revealed a world from a century old story to the modern day. A magical world previously known only in childhood stories and animated movies.

Lost Boy Found takes the resurgence of JM Barrie’s timeless classic about ‘the Boy who Never Grew Up’ and sends it into a world untouched by Disney, Barrie and Pearson, and even McCaughrean: The American West in the mid 1990s. It is here where Fantasy and Science combine into flying cars, cyborg hooks, satellites that can track the otherwise untraceable, and where reason doesn’t destroy faith in fairies but outright validates them!

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Lost Boy Found is the first full-length novel by David “Davey-Kins FoxFire” Gonterman, a former—and recovering—fanfictionist notorious for being ‘The Ed Wood of the Internet.’ It is this book, over five years in the making and taken in part by his own childhood and teenaged experiences, that he hopes he can pull away from his infamous reputation and hopefully turn his love for the writing process into a livable career.

And with this equal parts autobiography, adventure story, and Shrek-style parody of every recent novel set in Neverland including the official sequel, Lost Boy Found hopes to make for a start of an enjoyable, if not without tongue so deep into cheek that it makes a second mouth, writing career.