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"As Mousketeers go, I am pure evil." --Daveykins Foxfire

As someone who likes to customize and open source Disney Magic, I’ve been in more than a few Disney fan sites in my life, some of them more open-minded and friendly than others. By far the most tweaker-friendly site happens to be the Disney Echo, and it’s where I have a long-standing influence in the site.

The Disney Echo started as an old-school telnet-based MMORPG, also known as a MUCK, by Rich Koster, long time and hardcore Disney Fan. Basically your quintessential Mousketeer; we’re talking Jimmy Dodd material here. Over time the MUCK evolved into a large Web-based message board where a lot of like-minded Disney Fans post and mingle, sometimes even to the point of staging real life meetings, posting logs of Disney Park visits, fan-based role plays, and the like.

I’ve found a very fertile ground in the Echo to nurture my own brand of Magic, and show myself as quite a character in the forum. The reception I got is very positive, even though I play the “Bad Cop” to Rich’s “Good Cop.” I’d be like that Mousketeer that lives across the tracks with a black leather jacket and enters the stage on an Imagineer-Rigged motorcycle. Let’s just say I make life somewhat . . . interesting.

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You Make the Story II

My latest influence in the site has to do with one of the more beloved role plays in the forum. In the original “You Make the Story,” a group of Echo Members visit a fictional version of Disney World where a treasure map is found for which everyone goes around the whole part to uncover it. Hijinks ensue, especially when I jumped in, using one of my oldest and most beloved characters, which I’m linking below.

In it’s sequel, created since Rich invited me to take over on this RP, I turned the treasure map into a mixture of “National Treasure” and “Kingdom Hearts” where I turn the treasure hunt into a stylized biography on Walt Disney’s life and efforts, where he ends up a Keybearer himself guarding a mystical tree so sanity-relieving large that Terry Pratchett’s Great A'Tuin uses it for shade.

In the treasure hunt, Walt’s keyblade is disassembled into seven parts and scattered throughout the entire Walt Disney World area, including Celebration. So far the group has found two of the pieces. Once the pieces are put together and the keyblade finds it’s way to the door it’s supposed to open . . . well, that would be telling, won’t it?

Johnny Briz

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Disney Echo has a lot of opportunities to showcase a good number of my characters and stories, but nobody has more play in the Echo than one of my oldest and most endearing characters, my own answer to Mickey Mouse, Johnny Briz. In fact, I even have a web page created especially for him and what I consider to be his official story, which explains how a mouse who looks more like a Don Bluth character end up being a 21st Century Mickey Mouse, and what’s he doing with an animator who looks like, yes, yet another well-known Mousketeer.