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Welcome to the Foxfire Studios of Saint Louis web site, my official home of the Internet.

My legal name is David Gonterman, and I've been making stories and comics for over ten years now, since my college days, eventually writing under the pen name of Daveykins Foxfire. I'll be the first to confess that the quality of my work depends on what kind of day I'm having, but that doesn't stop me. Needless to say that I've earned the title of “Ed Wood of the Internet,” although it's something I'm constantly working up from. (And if you don't believe me, search for my name.)

In a move I wished I could have made sooner, I decided to move from my not-so-humble fanfiction beginnings—where most of my bad press came from—and strike out on original works, such as my Scarlet PI comic strip which turned into a rising book series that can read like CSI in an amusement park. When things get really good, I hope that this or some other project I'm listing here, ends up into the big time. The big time being, getting published into an major book publishing company.

Until then, I'm more than content for a web site and a Lulu.com store. I don't need to become the next JK Rowling; in fact, some people would claim that me getting to her level would be proof that there's no God. But if I can earn enough money to get off of Social Security before it goes belly up, I'll call this career a success.

The philosophy behind my story writing could be summed up in four words: Disney Magic, Fox Attitude. I want to take the charm, style, characterizations, and everything else that you'd find from Disney's heyday—be it in it's heyday under Uncle Walt or the Renaissance era before the Peter Principle caught up with Michael Eisner—and crank all the available knobs up to 11. In a Foxfire story, you'll see cars using Pixie Dust for nitrous, a descendant of a lab rat escapee interacting with the human world like a living toon, the American spirit surviving and thriving after being transplanted into a medieval style world assaulted by super-science, and so on. This could be the only area I could be presumptuous over, but I want to see Disney Magic—the only thing Disney has that can't be copyright protected—being pushed into levels nobody ever considered.

And I don't wish to be the only one doing it too. I encourage you to visit this site, sign up on my forum, catch me on your favorite Instant Message client, and join me in the fun. With the Creative Commons license, you can easily put in your own two bits in these projects. In fact, I encourage it, and there may be a good chance that what you offer can become canonized into the site. You can even help me edit and proofread my works before and even after they're published. As long as you're not an asshole, I'd listen to everything you'll suggest.

To those who come from the Encyclopedia Dramatica

More often than it should, there is a good chance that you got to my site through this particular troll site. First off I need to say that I call the ED a troll site and will always do so as long as their article on me--NEVER call it 'my' ED page; I did not write it, I state no ownership of it--remains on the top rung on Google searches for my legal name. There is no argument that will prove me otherwise until either the ED or Google removes that page.

That said, if you think that this site would be little more than me acting butt hurt and going into dramas over how much I'm getting trolled by the lul monkeys, you would be sadly disappointed. (I might get a revenge lul out of that, you wouldn't know.) The Internet is a wide open space with an infinite number of tubes, and it is the uptmost of presumptuousness to think that the 800 pound gorrila of Troll Sites has the monopoly on public opinion on me.

Granted some of the parts of ED's page on me might have been deserved, when I was younger and foolish. But most of the content there is not only decades old and has been gathered by second, third, or even eleventh hand information; and no doubt from people biased from anything that they don't like in themselves seen in other people. Do you honestly think that I deserve to be flamed over something that happened ten years ago that most people have moved on from? You have to be pretty shallow and pathetic to believe I should.

One day, while I was watching all the mass flack and flame wars those for and against the ED send to me, I took stock over what I have control over. I might not have any control over what the lul monkeys say about me, nor would I be able to compete with their viral refrencing they have on their HTML codes. But I have complete control over my own site and internet presence. The site you're visiting right now, is the first hand, non filtered, original contributions without any spin or contamination by any other input. There are no anonymous posting or commenting allowed in the forum or blog. What you see here, is 100% from my own two hands.

All I ask is that you keep your minds and hearts open about me. More often than not, you have opinions from some loser in their parent's basement cowardly hiding behind a Code Name V mask who has nothing else to do with their lives but talk shit on everybody and everything. You're seeing a web page from me to you directly.

Who do you think is more believable? Who do you think is the greater man?