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According to the OSL, it is allowable for me to post the equipment list taken from the SRD (usually found in the Player's Handbook and the Basic Rules,) with the needed additions and modifications spliced in for Æthercoil gameplay. These changes are also used for any campaign DM’ed by David Foxfire.

There are also some additional articles explaining David’s mindset in some of the additions, especially the difference between a Glaive, a Poleaxe, and a Chakram.

A list of additional keywords is shown first, followed by the categories.


Boomerang x: A special thrown weapon effect given on certain weapons and even a shield. An attack with a weapon with Boomerang x is made on a path that starts and ends with the attacker. The path can be made up to x Feet and can connect up to the attacker's DEX of targets. Each target in this path is rolled separately as a DEX-based attack. A Nat 1 on any of these attacks can result of the target stopping the attack with a DEX check of DC 8+DEX+Attacker's Proficiency.

Grenades: All grenades are thrown with a standard throwing check. The Grenade detonates where it lands automatically.

High Crit x:If wielded by someone with a STR of x or more, then the d20 roll to attack Crits on 19-20. This stacks with other features that improves Criticals.

Misfire: All Firearms will misfire at a Nat 1 check unless listed otherwise. When a Firearm misfires, it is rendered inoperable until it is repaired. Repairing requires proficiency with Tinker’s Tools (proficiency can be gained with 3 Downtime Days) and requires a DC 10 DEX check during a short rest, or spend a Downtime day during a long rest.

Reload x: The weapon can be fired x number of times before reloading. It takes a Standard Action to reload.

All weapons require a specific kind of ammo, and some need additional supplies. All weapons will have the tools needed to reload (such as a rammer for flintlock weapons and a cleaning kit for rifles)

Scatter: A Firearm with Scatter attacks in a Cone Blast 30 Area of effect. All creatures in the area are attacked. If attacking a creature adjacent, the area of effect is negated and the damage is doubled, stacking with critical hits.


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Adventuring Kits

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Adventuring Kits can be upgraded. By paying 10X the price of a normal Adventuring Kit, the backpack will be converted into a Bag of Holding, with everything in the kit placed into the Bag.