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Everything you need to play adventures in this D&D Campaign Setting.

This Campaign is for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition.

For best results, use the Player's Handbook,
Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master's Guide

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Latest Updates:

  • 28 Mar 17: Incorporated Unearthed Arcana 35 with three Archetypes
  • 20 MAR 17: Incorporated Unearthed Arcana 34 with a revised Theurgy Archetype and a new War Archetype for Wizard
  • 13 MAR 17: Incorporated Unearthed Arcana 33 with the Official Mystic Class.
  • 21 FEB 17: Added Kender.
  • 16 FEB 17: Changed the Warlock Dragon Patron.
  • 14 FEB 17: Included a Reddit Link to an Interim complete Mystic Class

Coming soon, compatibility with D&D Beyond

Important Notice: This wiki is created as a reference for those playing Dungons & Dragons with David Foxfire as the Dungeon Master, as well as games set in the Æthercoil world. Steps have been made to keep this wiki in compliance with the Open Game License of D&D 5th Edition. However, some references from the Wizards of the Coast rulebooks may exist out of necessity, using the United States Fair Use Laws. If there is any part of this wiki that isn't kosher with the Open Game License, please let me know over E-Mail (davidgonterman at foxfirestudios dot net) so I can rectify. Thank you in advance