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Æthercoil uses the D&D 5th Edition ruleset. Novice players can get by with the Basic Rules, although the three published rulebooks are preferred. This wiki assumes that the reader knows how to play D&D 5th Edition, what dice notation is, how to create a character, and all the basic nuances of gameplay.

Nevertheless, here are some additional mechanics and tutorials that can assist players. Some are written to speed up some parts of the game, while others describe homebrew mechanics that become part of the Æthercoil campaign setting. Players are encouraged to become familiar with these pages, not just for Æthercoil but in any campaign that David Foxfire is running, because they will apply regardless of Campaign.

Please keep in mind that, just as there are more than one ways to play Dungeons & Dragons in any edition, there are many ways to undertake a Æthercoil campaign. The Home Rules and listed options in this wiki are only one way to play the game; specifically, its' the way David Foxfire does it. The way you play, with the home rules and available options and other tweaks put in it, can and is allowed to differ.


An outline on Character Creation: A quick step-by-step to building a character, including a unique variant of dice rolling.

Roll 20 Macros: While some people balk on using the built-in character sheet, Roll20 players find creating Macros more useful. Since most playtesters use Roll20 for campaigns, a list of popular macros and instructions on installing them are given.

Terminology: Some referneces or terms might not be known for some players, some might be taken from previous Editions of D&D while others require some sort of explaination. The Terminology page is for that.