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About the Wiki

“As I got into the groove of designing Æthercoil, it came to my attention that a good chunk of the links in my previous D&D themed Wiki, which gathers options, campaigns, and other information from my various campaigns, have become broken. Add to that my need to create a campaign guide for my homeruled campaign with a listing of all the Player Character options I’m allowing there. In that end, I have designed this wiki as a dynamic Player’s Handbook for my Æthercoil setting.

Most of these options is discovered from various sources, including reddit threads, the Dungeon Master’s Guild, and other homerule sources. Some of them are given a needed remix to fit the Æthercoil campaign and playtested by me. The remixes and haggling are recorded in a semi-periodical magazine which I post on DriveThruRPG.

To deter broken waves, the lion’s share of the options will be transferred here with little editing save for formatting. The link to the sources will be available regardless. I take whatever steps I can make to get the rights to do this, however, if there are some who do not wish to have their option here, please let me know by E-mail so I can make the correction.”

—David Foxfire


David has experimented with various page styles for his homebrew material before settling into a hybrid design, combining some flair from 5th Edition Publications from Wizards fo the Coast with a First Edition style for easier visibility and printer-friendliness.

Feature descriptions are short and to the point, showing only what the player needs to put in their character sheet. This substance over style writing is intended to speed up character creation and maintenance. Plenty of Reminder Text are included as needed.


This Wiki takes advantage of Web-based fonts…with some success. The design was created to emulate a hybrid style combining parts of 5E books and 1E books. How the result is depends on the browser used. For best results, go to This Google Drive maintained by Reddit and download and install the following fonts: Bookmania, Mr Eaves Small Caps, and Scaly Sans. All fonts are free to use under the Creative Commons "BY-SA" license, and emulate the typography of the published books. Whatever discrepancies will be alleviated once the fonts are installed.


This Wiki uses the MediaWiki Engine with the Bootstrap Skin edited into a minimalist design. It is housed by Siteground.

Æthercoil Magazine

Parts of this material is found in Æthercoil Magazine, found in DriveThruRPG. You are encouraged to download the magazine and provide feedback on what is inside through two forums: Google Plus and Reddit.

Special Thanks

Æthercoil is made possible not just by the imagination and creativity of its author, David Foxfire. Many other sources were used in the creating of the campaign setting, and people helped playtest the setting and options from it's initial form in Æthercoil Magazine to it's published Rulebooks and Modules. Below is a list of those David is very grateful for.

Wizards of the Coast
Matthew Mercer

Disclaimer: This campaign setting was created by a Cis White Male with Autism, who is not responsible for any triggering experienced while reading this wiki, or anything else related to this setting. You have been warned.