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Path: Player Options > Circle of the Dragon

The Source

I have the basis for this archtype from the Giant in the Playground Forums. Since Dragons have a strong presence in Æthercoil, it's only natural that Shamans would revere them.

Circle of the Dragon

Level 2

Dragon Shape - At Level 2, the Druid cannot wild shape into Beats, but instead select one type of dragon, any color listed in the Monster Manual. He can change the color of this dragon 1/Day. He now can Wild Shape into the Wyrmling version of that dragon. However, he can only do this 1/day, and suffers 1 Level of Exhaustion afterward.

Level 6

Draconic Resistance - The Druid gains all resistances and immunities form his chosen dragon form, even in his human form. <p class="bookheader2">Level 10

True Dragon Form - The Druid's Wild Shape now becomes the Young version of the chosen dragon. All other restrictions apply.

Level 16

Draconic Soul - Wild Shaping into a Dragon no longer causes Exhaustion.

Level 20

Dragonic Pinnacle - At Level 20, the Dragon Wild Shape is now the Adult version.