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Path: Player Options > Gunslinger Prestige Class

Adding guns to any D&D setting is a no brainer to me. I gave that option for the Forgotten Realms even though in some places they’re banned, and they’re a terror to any Thayan. Even after they found a way to make a fast zombie, they still drop when they get headshotted by a shotgun. Since Æthercoil is set in a post-modern world, even though gun technology fell back somewhat, you can bet that there are guns in there.

So naturally I had some decision to make when it comes to incorporate gunplay into my D&D games. Matthew Mercer designed an excellent Gunslinger archetype for Fighter for his Critical Roll campaign . At first I thought, that’s good for a start, but I wanted other classes to have options for using guns. However, I was lost between having a general Prestige Class, or having archetypes for different classes. It’s why I was so tardy with these options. I eventually decided on a Prestige version of Mr. Mercer’s archetype with some additional feats based on class.


  • 15 Dexterity
  • Must be Proficient in Firearms
    • Meaning: Must have done the training course.
  • Cannot take consecutive levels in this Class
    • You must level up in all other classes before you level up with this class.

The Levels

Each Level gains an additional HD based on the highest class the PC has at the time of the Level Up.

Each Level gains a feature based on Matthew Mercer's archetype:

  • Level 1: Gunsmith
  • Level 2: Grit, Deadeye
  • Level 3: Quickdraw, Violent Shot
  • Level 4: Trick Shot
  • Level 5: Lightling Reload
  • Level 6: Piercing Shot
  • Level 7: Vicious Intent, Hemorraging Critical