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Path: Player Options > Way of the Drunken Fist

The Source

Ever since I played Linka, a Pandafolk Drunken Monk with a brew that can give even the most jaded dwarves enlightenment, I have a need for a Drunken Fist archetype. I'm starting with an option from a Redditor, Monk - Way of the Drunken Fist from Darkon7, and work from there.

Way of the Drunken Fist

Level 3

Tavern Brawler - Drunken Fist monks are proficient with improvised weapons, and improvised weapons count as monk weapons. When an opponent misses an attack against you, you can use your reaction to make an unarmed attack or an attack with an improvised weapon.

Master of Brews - Gain proficiency with Brewer's Tools. Able to drink liquids(potions, alcohol, etc) as a bonus action.

Ki Feature--Breath of the Dragon - Spend 2 Ki Points to use a breath attack. This attack does Fire Damage and forces a Dex Save. A creature takes 2d6 damage on a failed save, and half as much damage on a successful one. The damage increases to 3d6 at 6th level, 4d6 at 11th level, and 5d6 at 16th level. Can only be used once per short or long rest.

Multiple Levels

Sway and Stagger - Learn two Drunken Stances at Lv. 3, One more at Lv. 6 and a final one at Lv. 11. As a Bonus Action and with the price of 1 Ki you enter a drunken stance. These stances last 1 minute, but can be maintained by drinking an alcoholic beverage of sufficient strength.

  1. Slippery Devil - +1(2?) AC and Advantage on Dex Saves. ((constantly swaying and shifting about makes the monk hard to hit))
  2. Feeling No Pain - Gain temp HP = Wisdom+1/2 Monk Level at the start of your turn. (Figured temp HP would be the way to go with this)
  3. Slow but Steady - Advantage on all attacks made by the monk, and all opportunity attacks against them have disadvantage. But movement is cut in half.
  4. Fast Friends - Advantage on Athletics, Acrobatics, Deception, Performance, and Sleight of Hand Checks. (The idea here is to grapple, shove, steal, charm and lie to others)

Level 6

Stumble and Fall - At level 6 while in a Drunken Stance and when you are knocked prone, you may make one unarmed attack as a free action. In addition if you are struck with a physical attack you may spend 1 Ki to reduce the damage by 1d6+Monk Level and fall prone. And while Prone and in a Drunken Stance you do not have Disadvantage and attacks against you do not have advantage. Additionally you may get up from prone and move half your movement as a bonus action by spending 1 Ki, even when not in a Stance.

Level 11

Hearty Brew - 1/Rest, At Lv. 11 as an action you may drink alcohol and spend Ki to heal 1d4x Ki Spent + Monk Level in Hit Points.

Level 17

That's my Secret, I'm always Drunk - At Lv. 17, 1/Day, you may choose a Drunken Stance and you remove the time limit on Drunken Stances. You may still change stances as a bonus action.